We now offer a bike fitting service at Business As Usual. Sessions are now available to book with Andy from Camber, who has over five years experience as a bike fitter. Fits will be offered in either one hour or two hour long sessions, and these can include either general positional changes, or can be focussed on one particular issue.

“I want to remove the smoke and mirrors from bike fitting and make it more accessible to all riders.
No one needs 3 hours on a laser measured fitting jig to feel real benefits that you can get from improvements in position on the bike”

Get in touch with any enquiries regarding booking an appointment.

Booking slots are generally available Wednesdays & Thursdays from 6pm - 9pm, book yourself in via the booking calendar below.

Brilliant bike fit with Andy. He took time to explain what he was looking for, the adjustments he was making, in non-technical language... Really accessible price point, which shows you don’t need to be bamboozled with technology to make a real difference.
— From our Google Reviews

1 Hour Session - £50

This will be ideal if you've just purchased a new bike or have never had a fit session before. We can make the more basic changes to setup so you're sure you'll be comfortable on the bike.

We would then encourage you to come back for a second one hour "fine tune" session when you've been riding in your adjusted position for a few hundred KMs to iron out really dial in the fit using your feedback.

This session is also suitable If you're comfortable with your overall position but would like some help with a particular issue, such a setting up cleats on a new pair of shoes.

2 Hour Session - £100

The full fit, from start to finish. 2 hours will allow time to concentrate on every part of the fit, adjusting every contact point to make you more comfortable and efficient on the bike. 

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